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Video Zurich Paradeplatz

Aktualisiert: 22. Okt 2020

Elias Meier does not only offer fancy, he also executes. We nowadays have too many young people who are fancyless. And from these few, we mostly cannot expect delivery.

There will come a time where Elias' performance on the Zürich Paradeplatz on 20th October 2020 will be remembered and honoured.

Elias and his videographer were not prepared psychologically. As they were in the area of Credit Suisse they suffered confrontation with people from the Credit Suisse security. They harshly asked them to stop. Nobody asked what the meaning of the show was.

Among us: If they had asked, they would not have understood. Even Zurich Bankers would not have understood easily because it is forbidden to them to have new ideas.

Come out, Sergio Ermotti and Thomas Gottstein and give us your opinion! Please, please use your mind!

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