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Werbung Busernotes

Only a few of the early owners of Busernotes show the ability to explore the rich possibilities for earning money. Here are a few suggestions how you can enter this business on a low level.

1. Ask the people whom you have to pay money if they accept Busernote. If you have not enough Notes, you can everytime order from me. If e. g. you owe EUR 20’000 you can propose to pay 20’600 EUR in Notes and tell your partner that he gets 20’400 EUR from Dr. Buser. So your partner makes a small profit and gets acquainted with Busernotes.

2. If you want to buy something ask your preferred furnisher if he accepts Busernotes. Tell him that you will buy with his competitor if he does not accept. Even if he is a complete and silly egoist he will understand and make the deal.

3. There are poor people around you whom you could help to earn some money. If they are honorable, give them a credit to buy Busernotes and help them to earn money. Many people are not rich like you and have to fight in these Corona times to buy food and to pay the rentals of their apartments.

You can be intelligent and humane at the same time.

Be a decent human being!

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